Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not Drowned Alive

For those of you who didn't waste two hours of your life watching David Blaine try to hold his breath, here's what happened:

New York - After spending seven days living underwater in a giant goldfish bowl US stunt artist David Blaine failed Monday in a world record attempt at holding his breath underwater.

Blaine, whose previous stunts included fasting for 44 days in 2003 in an box suspended high over London's River Thames, held his breath for 7:08 minutes. The world record of 8:58 minutes is held by Germany's Tom Sietas.

Immersed Blaine managed to remove two of his handcuffs and was attempting to free himself from chains when he had to be pulled from the snow globe-like tank by divers.

His stunt in the plaza of Manhattan's Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts was broadcast by the ABC television network as part of its campaign to nab viewers in a ratings period that determines advertising rates throughout the year.

Blaine's effort had been hampered by liver problems and sores all over his body caused by his week-long immersion in water.

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