Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bottle Service

This past week was full of bottle service. For those of you outside the city, bottle service is when you are at a table at a party at a club and they leave you with your own overpriced bar for the price of saving you some seats. For example, you can reserve a table with bottle service promising to pay $100 for a $25 bottle of booze and some cheap mixers. Sometimes they might include some fruit or sometimes you can pay for caviar. I've never actually seen the tab for bottle service, but last night, my friend was trying to figure out the etiquette for being part of a bottle service party. Who do you thank and what do you say? I, however, am not sure if bottle service is really not about the alcohol, but a price for entrance. Or, I think that if you are famous enough someone else in paying for the bottle service and the person to thank won't even be present. In any case, I'm happy to be home drinking diet Coke out of the bottle straight from the fridge.

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