Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Back to Black

I never quite understood why people have "mid life crises" until now that I am approaching my 40th birthday in 3 weeks. How in the hell did I become a combination of Marlo Thomas in That Girl combined with Little Edie combined with Blanche from the Golden Girls? It's enough to make mew want to go out and blow all my savings and take up with a 22 year old hipster from Williamsburg. I am questioning where the hell did the all the time go and wtf did I accomplish in it and I'm not so sure. I found so much confidence in my 30s and now I feel like my core is somewhat shaken. So, to you all you single ladies approaching 40 in the next few weeks, I recommend the following as I'm trying very hard to follow my own advice and while it's hard, it's somehow pulling me through...
1. Be an emotional risk taker. You have nothing to lose and put yourself out there while you can still walk and reach menopause. Love those back that care about you.
2. Blow money on good times while you can still have them.
3. No matter what, do not get another cat. (I almost did this and I'm glad I didn't or it would have distracted from my travels.)
4. Travel and have fun.
5. Be gentle with yourself. I always hear this phrase from my friends who have emerged from the depths of hell.

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