Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar LiveBlog 2013

It's Oscar Time. Before the show starts at 8:30, here's a rundown of my thoughts.1. Yes, I still can't stand Guiliana The Panda but Ryan Seacrest is becoming equally annoying.2. I don't have one favorite film this year. I secretly loved Life of Pi. I will be happy if Argo or Silver Linings Win. I think Speilberg is a hack.3. I could give a rat's ass about Seth McFarland. I don't know how he got this job.4. Are people telling Kelly Osbourne that her hair looks good that shade? She's kept it like that for over a year.5. There needs to be some new stylists in Hollywood. All these girls look the same.6. Bradley Cooper is my new favorite male star. HOT.7. I want Ang Lee to win best director and I'm sad Richard Parker wasn't nominated.Jane Fonda gives me a major Dynasty flashback.8:22Kristen Chenoweth is annoying the hell out of me but it's good to see Rene Zellweger is still alive. Don't care for the dress though.

Show started. Don't get Seth McFarland
. Who is this guy? These jokes suck.

The boobs song was demeaning, sexist and upsetting.

Samuel Jackson's face is priceless.

Travolta in the house!

What is happening here?

Richard Parker broke my heart when he went into the jungle. Seth McFarland is a huge douchebag. I'd be a better host.

Love Samuel Jackson's attitude. Life of pi wins the award for making me cry the hardest in 2012.

This dude looks better than Hathaway.
I am so disgruntled with the host that in having trouble enjoying this.

I never understood the fascination with James Bond.

Now I'm excited! Musical tribute!

Sing it! Glad to see talented women onstage rather than being exploited by McFarland.

I don't care what they say. I love Russell Crowe.

You let Ted present?!?? Where in the hell is Richard Parker?

I hope this means we don't have to see Hathaway for awhile.

Adele is killing it.

I think Kristin is on Vicodin.

How is it Selma Hayek still doesn't speak English?

Max watching in memorium as usual

Thank god!

My favorite director and my own personal Richard Parker.

Jennifer Lawrence is the millennial generations' Julia Roberts.

Meryl brings some class. My man ddl is going to win. Did anyone see Joaquin shake his head?