Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Sign of the Mexican

Last night after a long evening including a work dinner and a run-in with an ex boyfriend, I hopped in a cab ready for bed. As I got out of the cab, I couldn't believe it, but Felipe was standing there sweating on the corner. I haven't seen Felipe in about four years since he left town to return to Mexico to open up his own restaurant. Felipe was the cook at a restaurant where I worked in NYC and we developed a bizarre friendship over the course of my employment. Once when I was behind the register, Felipe reached over and grabbed my nipple with a stapler. In any other work environment this would immediately have sent me to HR, but in this situation I was helpless and could only laugh at the situation and the current state of my disappointing life. In any case, I am wondering if Felipe's return to the country is a good omen or bad omen.

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