Thursday, July 14, 2005

Best in Show

Today I had a debate with a man about the phrase "working like a dog." According to him, dogs don't work at all and that the phrase should be changed to "working like a miner." I countered that a lot of dogs do work either helping blind people, rescuing people, sniffing out bombs, herding flocks and other assorted crappy jobs. He then stated (out of his ass I think) that only less than 1% of the dog population actually works. He then went on to say that cats also do not work and I argued that some cats indeed do have jobs, and before I took him as my son, MJ Cat was a professional mouser. I also pointed out that dogs and cats don't get paid so it's hard to track the actual working statistics on these animals since they can't even file for unemployment.

What is the point of this debate? I think I might have met my dream man.

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