Friday, July 08, 2005

Ask MJ Cat: Friday Catblog

It's time for everyone's favorite expert MJ Cat to answer all your questions! MJ Cat just received his PhD in Cultural Studies from a top online university and continues studying at DeVry. He also has a MA in Cinema Studies, which according to the New York times is the "new M.B.A." MJ can answer questions on any topic from any human being.
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Dear MJ Cat: I recently went with my girlfriend for a pedicure and they charged me 4 dollars more than her. 16 vs. 20. i would not say that my feet are significantly bigger or dirtier than hers. does this seem fair? is this standard? i enjoyed it and would go back, but i am kind of pissed about the upcharge and may reconsider returning.--twinkle toes, Brooklyn, ny

Dear Twinkle: I hate having pedicures and am usually held down or attacked with the clippers when I'm sound asleep. I would never pay for this torture. If you must get feet done, I advise to try somewhere else because you got nailed.

Dear MJ Cat: If a bus left Cleveland at 2 PM and travels 4 hours to Cincinnati, how many beers will I need for the trip?--Aaron D, New York, NY

Dear Aaron: This question is so disturbing that I don't even know how to answer it. First of all, I can't understand why if you live in NYC you'd be in a situation where this bus trip would be necessary. If you are forced to take the trip, buy a 6-pack. Drink 3 in the first hour and spread the rest out of the rest of the trip.

Dear MJ: Does it anger you that each summer families and their canines go on vacation, and the felines are never invited?--Your Aunt, Washington, DC

Dear Aunt: Does it anger you that you are allergic to cats and can't experience the true joy of curling up with a good book and a furry friend?

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