Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My New Attitude

Today rapper Lil' Kim was sentenced to one year in prison for perjury. I normally would not care about Lil' Kim and I don't know much about her except she wore a pastie on her boob for the MTV Music Awards and someone she knows shot someone in her presence and she tried to cover it up. The story is interesting to me because in my hometown of York, PA a well-known attorney was also sentenced to jail for screwing with the court system. Aside from this, he's been found guilty of groping a woman in a bar, sexual molesting male clients and embezzling funds from his own law firm. Meanwhile, his son has been arrested with a gun and cocaine in a cheap hotel room. My friends and family in York are always updating me on the fate of this attorney as he was a member of our community and his son was a classmate of mine. As part of the new improved me, I will now refrain from participating in schadenfreude which is a German word that means to take pleasure in the misfortune of others. I will feel sorry for all powerful rich people who are either too crazy or stupid to avoid being thrown in jail.

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