Monday, July 11, 2005

I Smell a Rat!

I spent this past weekend home watching NY1. As a result of the London bombing attacks, I'm going to stay off the rails here for awhile. I, however, was horrified by the following story that I watched repeatedly on the NY1 rotation. Rats have taken over the Bronx and the footage made my stomach turn. They showed dead rats surrounded by flies, rats running around in broad daylight and children attacked by rats. I was even treated to the story one more time this morning before work.

One night Eldalis Roa woke up with rats in her bed.

"One on my hair and one on my finger. The one me on the finger and the one on my finger bit me," said Roa.

I don't quite get that second part of that quote, but it doesn't sound good. Read about it for yourself. This is a true story.

NY1: The Bronx

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