Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Win a Date with NYCBABYLON and Jimmy Carter Contest!

My family and old friends know of my fascination with President Jimmy Carter. My first comedy routine in the late 70s actually involved a Carter impression and a song I wrote about the Iran hostage crisis sung by my Carter character. (I have this on a cassette tape somewhere as proof.) I've also been a long-time Jonathan Demme fan as well, so imagine how excited I am to see the new documentary Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains directed by Demme which is being released this weekend.

To celebrate, I'm hosting a contest where one lucky winner will be able to attend a white tie benefit in Washington D.C. where he/she will be able to escort me to a star-studded event where we will actually be able to meet Jimmy Carter in person. To enter, please send an essay of why you love Jimmy Carter and why you have lust in your heart for me. This is not a joke.

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