Monday, October 29, 2007

Things to Do While in Line at Trader Joe's

Yesterday, I ventured to Trader Joe's on the worst night of the week to go there. If you find yourself stuck in line at Trader Joe's for 45 minutes on the a Sunday night, here are some ways to pass the time.

1. Shop. Ask the hipster captain staff or whatever they are called to get the shit you need while you wait in line.
2. Watch Gossip Girl on your new iPod Video Nano. Think about how you wish you were rich enough to have a private chef so you don't have to stock up on cheap Trader Joe's frozen foods on a Sunday night.
3. Read Self magazine. I'm always behind on my Self, and I love to catch up at Trader Joe's.
4. Call your ex boyfriend and ask him what he's doing. You can hang up on him when the one of the hipster captain staff people drops some pita in your cart.
5. Call your mother. She'll be glad to hear your saving money and buying actual groceries rather than eating out every night.

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