Monday, October 22, 2007


I've been out celebrating Viggo's 49th birthday and haven't been able to blog. Actually, I've been thrown on my ass with a nasty cold/flu and haven't been able to get out of bed. I, however, have so much I need to comment on and Todd and I have been too busy to do the podcast, so here's the lowdown:
1. I can't believe Dumbledore is a 'mo. I wonder what other imaginary characters are going to come out of the closet. Is Judy Blume going to out Fudge?
2. While I find it fascinating that Jessica Seinfeld gave Oprah 21 pairs of "thank you" shoes and that she may be the James Frey of cookbooks, I find it most interesting that this is all over a cookbook trying to fool kids into eating veggies. This is a woman who tries to pull one over on her own children by deceiving them into eating food they don't like. One time my mother tried to force me to eat stuffed shells by shoving them down my throat and while this was upsetting at the time, I now appreciate she didn't try to hide them in a brownie.
3. I am upset about Ellen DeGeneres and the Iggy scandal and I'm praying someone doesn't come to my house to confiscate Max.
4. I got my flu shot a week and half ago so why is it that I now have the flu?
5. The weather is starting to really freak me out. Why is it still summer and what is going on with those wild fires in CA? I'm now more afraid of Mother Nature than Bid Laden.
6. I don't understand how Lohan found a bf in rehab. Aren't you supposed to stay single for your first year in the program?
7. What the hell is wrong with Britney Spears and why does she eat so much fast food in public? I only sneak my fast food when nobody is watching. Maybe Britney should call Jessica who can help her sneak her junk food into a carrot.

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