Friday, October 05, 2007

The Power of Darkness

Tonight, Wyndham and sat through three hours of the Tolstoy play "The Power of Darkness" at the Mint Theater which was a very long three hours of our lives. And you thought "War and Peace" was long? It reminded me of House of Sand and Fog in that I hated every character in the entire play. I felt like I was sitting through the entire Russian Revolution. The play was so devoid of humor that I was forced to laugh out loud when the lead throws a newborn baby down a shaft. The lead, however, who Wyndham used to babysit, was hot and did have a leading man spark. Hopefully, his next job will be a better showcase for his looks and talent.

More interesting than the play was the 90+ crowd that filled the audience. I mean, these theater fans were so old that we felt we were in a morgue. I'm not exaggerating. During the intermission, we had to go into the hallway and discuss the audience more than the play.

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