Monday, October 15, 2007

Tuned Out

In the past week, I was given a Blackberry and a new iPod Video Nano. Now, as my mother pointed out, I never have to have a human conversation again. So, in light of my new adjustment to my new job and to my new electronics, I'd like to send the following shout-outs to my friends:

1. Chris and Lynn--Congrats on the birth of Emmett!
2. Erik and Jason--Sorry for not calling you in Chicago! I was over scheduled and breaking out.
3. Adie and Shauna--Please invite me over to see the babies! I'm not comfortable with dropping in unannounced.
4. ANP--Congrats on the new job!
5. Scott-I miss you as my boss!
6. Kristen-Can't wiat to see your new pad. Say hi to Cookie for me!
7. Laura and Chris and Erik and Lori--We must get together soon!

That's it for now.

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