Monday, July 31, 2006

Where Everybody Knows My Name

I had the realization that I'm a minor celebrity in my neighborhood. Everyone knows my name, but the real sign of fame is that I don't know anyone else's name. This is what it is like to be a neighborhood celeb:

1. When I went to Radio Shack tonight to buy some batteries, the salesman said, "Hi, Rachel."
2. When I took my mother to the Indian restaurant across the street, the owner told her that we were "very good friends" and gave us the best table by the fan.
3. The guy who answers the phone at Golden Woks didn't even ask me my apartment number when I called for delivery and said my name. He knew who I was.
4. The owner of one of the boutiques on Bleeker told me she likes my new hair color. I haven't seen her in months and rarely shop there.
5. I didn't have cash at the drycleaner and the woman there told I could pay her the next time I came in to drop stuff off. She said, "I know you!"
6. Mexicans on the block always know my name without even being introduced to me.
7. The tailor hemmed my pants on the spot. She usually makes customers wait three days.
8. The lady at the nail salon gave me five extra minutes of free foot massage and asked me about MJ Cat. I actually know her name. It's Cindy.

I love local fame!

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