Tuesday, July 11, 2006

TV Tuesday

I am watching terrible Tuesday TV and was forced to see someone I hoped I would never see again for the rest of my life. And that person is Mike "Boogie" Malin. I didn't mean to watch Big Brother 7, but before I got to turn the channel I saw some broad wearing my DVF polka dot dress and then I was face to face with the most annoying person ever on reality TV. I can't begin to tell you how much I hated Mike Boogie in Big Brother 2 and I stopped watching after that season and I hoped that I would never even have to think about that fake LA wannabe ever again.

Now, I'm watching The World Series of Pop Culture which is the easiest game show ever. I could have won the title.

TV sucks in the summer. I wish I could go back in time and watch this fabulous Love Boat episode where Halston, Bob Mackie and Gloria Vanderbilt appeared as Guest Stars.

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