Monday, July 17, 2006

A Lot

Over the past few months, I've been arguing with coworkers regarding the two words "a lot." I am always shocked that educated people use the word "alot" in business emails. Perhaps this common spelling error began because there does exist in English a word spelled "allot" which is a verb meaning to apportion or grant. The correct form, with "a" and "lot" separated by a space is perhaps not often encountered in print because formal writers usually use other expressions such as "a great deal," "often," etc. If you can't remember the rule, just remind yourself that just as you wouldn't write "alittle" you shouldn't write "alot."

Coworkers continue to argue with me that this simple spelling rule is now up for debate and that "alot" is now completely acceptable. I, however, cannot find evidence that "alot" has been fully accepted as a word in the English language. I would never hire someone who uses the word "alot" and I would probably not date someone who thinks "alot" is one word. I don't reply to myspace friend requests who use the word "alot" in profiles.

Friends tell me this is crazy, but I think that the inability to remember this simple rule of English grammar can indicate other personality problems. These problems include the following:
-inability to take direction
-poor listening skills
-low IQ
-general moron
-lack of ambition
-brain damage from too much drug use

In my review last week, I was directed that I need to be more tolerant of morons at work. I am using this post to help my readers know that I am not alone in this intolerance towards this spelling error. Poor spelling can turn off potential suitors and employers.

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