Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Year of the Cat

Serious Cat
People often tease me about how much I love my cat Maximillian Joseph. As a 30-something broad living along with her tabby, I realize that I'm a bit a social cliche. Last weekend, I saw the movie Year of the Dog which has really made me think about my relationship to my pet. Molly Shannon's character falls apart after her pet beagle unexpectedly dies. After this happens, she goes through a period of self-discovery accepting that her strong passion for her dogs and her committment to animal rights does not make her crazy, but defines her identity and gives her life purpose. Not all of us have the character to become dutiful wives or caring mothers or rich CEO's. Some of us define ourselves and are content as animal nuts and if our pets can provide us self-esteem, love, happiness and companionship, what is wrong or crazy about that? Plus, just look at Max's handsome face. Meow.

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