Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tribeca Film Festival Update

Tonight I attended a BAFTA reception at the Soho House in honor of British filmmakers showing at the Tribeca film festival. I haven't been to the "Ho-Ho" house in years but despite the fact that (as usual) Todd bagged going to BAFTA with me, I put on a new Spring outfit and went all by myself. Within the first ten minutes, I made a new friend named Wendy who works at WE TV. The only celeb we spotted was Kim Catrall. Jane Rosenthal was also there but Jane is not a celeb.

The most interesting part of the evening is that I actually ran into someone in from LA that I met during that crazy party I went to last fall in LA. If you read that post, you can see how traumatic that evening was for me. So, I said to him, "It's surprising to see you" and he replied, "I'm actually not surprised to see you. You have a blog." What the hell does that mean?

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