Thursday, May 31, 2007


One of my secret pleasures is checking my stats for this blog. I especially love visiting the keyword referrals to see what you guys type in to find this blog. Today, there were some hilarious ones. Perhaps nycbabylon is a monitor of the current cultural zeitgeist. I just want to know. Why were you smelling your dog's vagina and who is a fan of MJ in the UK?

1. rosie vs elizabeth
2. big city under 21 club york
3. topper mortimer
4. cruise countdown widget
5. what to wear to the mtv movie awards seat filler
6.mj cat
7. why does my dog's vagina smell like maple syrup?
8. rene fris bio
9. what do golden monkeys eat
10. flirt cosmetics
11. japanese hairdress
12. nycbabylon
13. somers farkas
14. catsuit fashions on youtube

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

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