Sunday, December 31, 2006

Things I Hated 2006

It is that time of the year when I list all the things I hated in 2006.
1. Mark McGrath hosting Access Hollywood or Extra or whatever it is he hosts. He's a sell-out. 2. I hate when strangers stop me on the street to tell me that my purse is open. Why are they looking in the first place?
3. Cinea discs
4. When my friends diss me for their new bfs.
5. I hate when Max (my cat) purrs in my face at 4AM.
6. That "upset stomach diarreah" Pepto Bismal ad.
7. Breaking out. I can't believe I still get zits at 35.
8. Dieting. It still does and will always suck.
9. "Reorgs" at work and the undeserving people who end up promoted as a result because there is no where else to put them.
10. Cleaning the bathroom
11. Text messaging. I feel this is a cop out for a real conversation.
12. Mid-year reviews.
13. The weekly "rapid results" meeting at work which I am not ironically in charge of.
14. I hate when my pants get too tight.
15. Waiting in doctors' offices
16. Doing dirty dishes
17. I hate when washed up pop stars like Barry Manilow or Lionel Richie whore themselves out by doing live performances on ET.
18. Fake celebrites on
19. Guys who don't call when they say they will call you.
2o. Subway transfers
21. Tourists who stop in the middle of the sidewalk
22. Lip sunburns
23. Amtrak
24. Perez Hilton. I read the site relgiously, but I hate him.
25. mayo
26. ketchup
27. cheese
28. relish
29. Slow service at fast food restaurants
3o. I hate when Christina moderates BAFTA Q&As.
31. I hate when people stop on the street to "ask me a question" but all they really want to ask for his money.
32. Growing out my hair.
33. I hate being single when I'm sick.
34. People who push you on the subway.
35. Tickmaster surcharges
36. Itchy nipples
37. Going to weddings alone
38. I hate when people do not RSVP to my evite invites
39. Saurkraut
40. Deep dental cleanings
41. 9:00AM Monday morning meetings.
42. Flight delays
43. Pet abuse
44. Pushy and/or abusive coworkers
45. The size of my studio apartment
46. George Bush
47. I hate hearing about robberies at gunpoint on my block.
48. I hate leaving Max alone by himself when I go away.
49. I hate being told to shut-up.
50. Allergies and asthma

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