Monday, March 20, 2006

There's Got to Be a Morning After...

While Max seems to be enjoying himself, I am writing stranded in San Juan. Our boat broke down and we were held hostage on the Carnival Destiny until late last night. Getting off the boat was like Schindler's List meets the New Orleans Superdome. After a minor meltdown, Carnival refugees are being held in a Marriott. We can't get out until tomorrow so MJ has one more day of freedom. All I can say, NEVER TAKE A CARNIVAL CRUISE. Carnival totally sucks and has the worst customer service ever. If I didn't fake having a asthma attack and exploit myself as a "journalist," we'd still be on the damned boat. Other than that, we're having a fabulous time. Now, I'm off for a walking tour of Old San Juan.

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