Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dirty Old Men

Tonight prior to my dance class, I was eavesdropping on two twentysomething girls chatting about all of the men after them. Here is the conversation.

Girl #1: "So, I met this guy but he's like OLD."
Girl #2: "How old is he?"
Girl #1: "He's like 31."
Girl #2: "Well, that's kind of old but not too old. Get this, this guy from spin came up to me and started chatting and he's like 40!"
Girl #1: "OH MY GOD! That's like gross old."
Girl #2: "Yeah, I was like dude, you have a kid and an ex wife and I was like dude, do not talk to me, you old man."

At this point, I wondered if I should have them introduce me to this dirty old man.

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