Thursday, March 02, 2006

Boob Thursday

I decided to make Thursdays all about boobs since I don't have much else to talk about right now. I, however, have so much to say about this photo:

1. This was taken at some kind of event about women or breast cancer or something like that. I saw on Access that Melissa Etheridge sang at it. I love how Rita Wilson is wearing a boob dress to celebrate boobs in general.
2. I love the look that Kate Capshaw is giving to Rita Wilson. A couple of years ago I got a new boob dress and my former friend Cathy gave me the same look. We are not friends anymore.
3. What is the deal with Kate Capshaw's hair? And Tom Hanks' hair?
4. Doesn't Spielberg look creepy?

Please give me your thoughts.

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