Monday, February 27, 2006

Pivot Tables

I realize the blog has boring, but life has been throwing me unexpected turns that has been taking me away from my private writing time. Today I spent most of the working hours manipulating an Excel spreadsheet while I came to the conclusion that I completely suck at Excel. I am part of a generational gap that does not know how to make a pivot table or create pull down menus on an Excel spreadsheet. I consider myself computer savvy, but somewhere along the path of teaching myself html and editing a podcast, spreadsheeting got lost in the mix. Although I can do a basic sum and highlight a row here and there, I prefer to keep some information at random rather than spread it all out on a chart that derives formulas from other charts that derives numbers from a complex equation that is supposed to provide some kind of realistic scenario all summed up in neat looking cells that can printed out on one sheet in a landscape format. Randomness is not such a bad thing and over the past few months, I seem to have forgotten how a surprise phone call or conversation on the corner can perhaps rapidly change the direction of my life. Carpe diem.

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