Thursday, February 23, 2006

I hate my iPod!

I have to send my iPod BACK to the morons at Apple for the third time since January. They keep sending it to me UNREPAIRED. I've called 10 times and they WILL NOT fix my fucking iPod. I even have the extended warranty and they still keep telling me there is nothing wrong with my machine. I can't even charge it without the sad iPod icon appearing. Plus, it makes an audible hissing sound when I attempt to put it in fucking disc mode. I am so glad I didn't buy a Mac computer if this is the type of shit this company is producing. I FUCKING HATE THIS IPOD AND WANT IT FIXED! WHAT KINDS OF MORONS DO THEY HAVE LOOKING AT THIS BROKEN MACHINE AND TELLING ME IT IS FINE? WHY DO THEY KEEP SENDING ME BACK A FROZEN IPOD? I HAVEN'T BEEN THIS PISSED IN A LONG TIME. THEY ARE WASTING MY FUCKING TIME! IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO WORKS FOR APPLE OR YOU WORK FOR APPLE, PLEASE HAVE THEM FIX MY IPOD OR I WILL BLOG ABOUT THE INCOMPENTENCY OF THIS COMPANY ON A DAILY BASIS UNTIL THEY REPAIR MY IPOD!

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