Sunday, February 05, 2006


As a long time West Villager, I've been known to spend a lazy afternoon reading the paper, making out after a first date, licking a Cones cone or scarfing down a slice of Joe's sitting on a dirty bench in Father Demo Square. On warm Sundays, I tended to catch up on calls from my cell phone as I avoided sitting next to a smelly homeless person or being shit on by a pigeon. The truth is, Father Demo Square is my favorite city park and a few months ago, I was very confused as they put a wire gate around the cement park and tore out some of the benches. Friends who have witnessed this devastation keep asking me, "Do you know what's going on in Father Demo Square? Where have you been hanging out?"

Last night, the mystery was solved. Father Demo Square is being renovated to include a fountain, new benches and greenery and the worst part is that I have to wait until AT LEAST fall 2006 to be readmitted to my park of choice! Plus, I can't imagine how this "renovation" is actually an improvement. My favorite aspect of FDS was that is was the anti-park park. I loved sitting in the concrete jungle in the middle of 6th Avenue and now I have nowhere to go!

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