Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wedding Update

I just went to a wedding this past weekend in Nowhere, Ohio. Again, I was not invited with a date but I shared expenses with a friend which made attendance somewhat feasible. In any case, I created a new strategy of attending weddings alone that make the time more fun and pleasant, especially when you really don't know anyone else there.

Steal someone else's date. I tried this tactic and it definitely added more fun to the event. I treated my pretend date as I would any other man in my command and for some reason this guy totally obliged to my requests. He escorted from my car to the church with an umbrella, he sat with me the table when I didn't want to dance while his real date danced with her friends, he got me drinks at the bar and he even saved the plant I had carry as I almost dropped it in the parking lot. At the airport, he even hugged me goodbye. The best part is that his real date didn't even seem to care. I hope I see him again although his name has already slipped my mind.

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