Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Intelligent Design Update: Dover Update

New York Magazine has a piece written by Kurt Anderson this week entitled "Why Intelligent Design Must be Stopped. You can read it here.

Because I was born and raised in York County, I have a special interest in this political topic. What I am about to say will sound mean and snobby and perhaps vengeful, but growing up in York County, I was once called a "stupid Jew" by a student who attended Dover Area High School. Although this was scary and hurtful, I questioned the education that these kids were receiving at Dover Area School District and the values of their parents. I attended a school that was known as the "snob school" While not that diverse, my school district encouraged kids to attend college and attempted to keep religion out of the classroom. While I fully agree with everything that Anderson is stating, I would like to add something that most press coverage does not mention. Dover is full of hicks and the fact that these uneducated airbags are getting so much press coverage is upsetting to others in the county. So, I'm a Jew and an Evolutionist and believe it or not, I'm from York, PA.

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