Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween Costumes Greatest Hall of Fame

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. This year I have nowhere to go, so please feel free to use any of my costumes from Halloween pasts. I never had a mother who could sew or make exciting costumes so I either had to buy the plastic ones or invent my own. Here are some of my favorites:

Werewolf(1976): I was so excited when my mother bought me the werewolf costume at Kmart ahead of time to ensure it wouldn't be sold out. I, however, became scared of my own costume and it had to be moved out of my closet to another room. I remember my father put the mask on when I was watching TV, peeked around the corner and scared the hell out of me.
King Kong (1977): I loved the Jessica Lange King Kong remake so I wore an oversized King Kong mask along with a black bodysuit and tights. I'd still wear this costume if I could, but I weighed only 30lbs at the time.
Dead Cowboy (1980): I was kind of a tomboy at the time, so dead cowboy was an easy costume to create. I just wore my western shirt and Billy the Kid jeans. I put on some pop guns on a holster and finished it off with a skeleton mask.
Marilyn Monroe (1988): This costume is pretty standard and my best friends Stephanie and Jessica dressed up as James Dean and Elvis to be part of the dead legends group. Our fourth friend Leigh, however, dressed up as a sexy skunk which totally screwed up our theme. Her mother didn't think it was appropriate for her to dress up as a dead celebrity but she somehow got away with wearing a bodysuit and a bushy tail.
Madonna: (1989-1991): I dressed up as various incarnations of Madonna throughout college.
Courtney Love (1992): I don't know why I chose to dress up as Courtney before she was even that famous, but I had so many baby doll dresses and my Madonna wig was on the fritz so it all made sense during my days of irony.
Miss Georgia (1995): I decked out in full beauty queen regalia to rollerblade through my first Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. This was my best Halloween in the city.
Willie Nelson (2003): I revived my dead cowboy look except I bought a Dorothy Wizard of Oz wig and converted it to Willie Nelson by removing the bows. I handed out candy to little kids in Chelsea with my pregnant friend Diane. Nobody knew who I was except one hip father. I did see one kid dressed up as a werewolf so I gave him some extra candy.

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