Sunday, October 16, 2005

It was a Full House

I am posting this from location in York, Pa, where I am in town for a wedding. After the wedding we all went back to the Yorktowne hotel where I capped off the evening with Bob Saget who was also in town for a gig. I actually had to call my mother to tell me to pick me up later than planned because I was hanging out with Bob. I never thought I'd ever utter to a parent, "Can you pick me up at 12:30 cause I'm in the middle of something with Bob Saget," and then say to Bob Saget, "We need to wrap this up because my mom is coming to pick me up." In any case, Bob told me a juicy story about Bungalow 8, that Jew jokes in York bomb, that Jon Stamos is the most fabulous man on the planet and that Naomi Watts is a witch. I kind of love Bob Saget now. He's sexier than Liev Schreiber and is my new favorite celebrity.

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