Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It's all in the Gravy

Every once in awhile someone gives me a fabulous easy-to-make recipe that I must share with my readers. Here is one for Chicken Marsala. I don't have the measurements, so use your judgement.

Boneless thin chicken breasts salted
Fresh Pepper
Marsala Wine
Fresh Parsley
Garlic-flavored Pam
Can of Franco American Beef Gravy

Brown the chicken in the Pam. Set aside. Brown the mushrooms in some more Pam and add some parsley. (I love parsley so I add it to everything.)Pour in a small amount of Marsala wine and stir it in to the mushrooms. Then add enough Franco American gravy until it thickens. (I added 1/2 small can). Serve with noodles or pasta and garnish with fresh parsley. (I also add fresh pepper to everything.)

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