Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Great Panda Trial

In my new favorite blog, resident columnist Mike Argento examines the Intelligent Design trial going on in Harrisburg, PA. For those of you not following this debate, Dover School District in York, PA wants to incorporate the textbook "Of Pandas and Men" which refutes Darwin's theories on evolution. Argento discusses the testimony of a science teach who had to quit teaching due to the debate. If Intelligent Design is approved to be taught in public school science classes, Argento asks:

You start questioning your decision to dedicate your life to this school. What’s next? Will the school board ask you to start teaching that gravity is merely a theory and that you have to balance that theory with the belief that gravity is God’s way of saying you’ve had too much tequila? Will the school board start telling history teachers that because some believe the Holocaudidn'tidn’t happen, that they’ll have to balance their instruction thusly? Will the school board demand that English teachers begin teaching kids that the plural of “you” is “youse”?

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