Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Green Acres Is Not the Place to Be

I've heard the most startling news over the past 24 hours. A new trend which I will now call "Green Acreing" is arising among thirty-something single women where they leave their fabulos urban lifestyle, move to the country and make hay with the man they love.
-A successful New York woman who has toiled away at JP Morgan for 13 years is leaving her luxurious lifestyle and beautiful apartment to take up with a hay farmer in Oregon. The closest Wal Mart is over an hour away and they have to take an airplane to get groceries.
-I heard the Park Avenue daughter of a successful New York City physician has taken up with a truck driver and she is very happy. I never have met a truck driver in my life or considered dating one.
-A trust-fund pretty girl married a high school science teacher, moved to the midwest and is now divorced.

I dated the son of a dairy farmer in high school and let me tell you, a girl can get badly bitten rolling around in a corn field.

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