Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pink Wednesday

So, tomorrow is the day anywhere from 15,000-45,000 are getting pink slipped at the bank and I still fear I could be one of them. If I'm safe, tomorrow is still going to suck because there is nothing worse than working in corporate America and seeing people lose their jobs. During the dot com bust, I was layed off TWICE which marked a terrible period emotionally, physically and financially for me and I would hate for me or anyone else to face the challenges of searching for a good job while making ends meet at a demeaning part-time job, fearing an accident while being unable to afford health insurance and most of all feeling isolated and rejected. Some people I work with have stated they'd be thrilled to be canned. Well, these people should just resign and save the job for someone who actually needs/wants to work. So, I'm going to put on my navy blue suit tommorrow morning and watch the other shoe drop.

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