Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Phone Etiquette

Something that drives me crazy is when I call someone (usually a parent) and they unexpectedly "put someone on the phone" which can include someone you haven't spoken to in 20 yrs, your old pediatrician, your 3rd grade gym teacher or an old boyfriend. This, of course, is excused if the person is your spouse or child and lives with you. First of all, if I am calling you, I am calling you and not the person you want to put on the phone. This puts everyone in a bad position. Here's why:
1. I may owe this person a phone call and by you telling them it is me on the phone shows that I have time to call you, but not them.
2. I may only have time to talk to you from work and want to call this person back when I can savor the conversation.
3. This person may not want to talk to me.
4. This person might be busy or distracted and not have time to talk.
5. I could have had a huge fight with this person or secret romantic relations and now you are putting everyone on the spot in a public space.
6. I could be running out of free minutes.
7. I could have nothing to say to this person and vice versa creating a very awkward phone convo.

There are many other possibilities, but I hope you learned that if you are in situation where you might feel compelled to "put someone on" and you see it is me, don't pick up the fucking phone!

P.S. Steph, you fall under "2" and I still owe you a call!

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