Monday, April 09, 2007


While this video is fascinating due to the bizarre Tinsley Mortimer fashion shoot, what really captured my attention is the editor-in-chief Devorah and socialite Wannabe stylist Gregory. I don't know much about these two except that they are ALL OVER myspace and share friends with some of my friends. Before this video was mocked by Gawker and Socialite Ranks, these two social climbers had public profiles on myspace which I somehow became entranced with while browsing through profiles one evening. (Yes, I'm a loser.) I know that Gregory hosts parties with some very big tall broad named Kelly, Devorah has some little dog named Stella and her main claim to fame is that she's best friends with Joan Lunden's daughter. They hang out at Marquee and Bungalow and still think the Hamptons is pretty cool.

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