Monday, March 12, 2007

Celebrity Stalking

This is a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker's ass along with her son James. I encountered them on Saturday in the West Village. Later James got on his bike and almost ran me over and SJP told him to say "Excuse me." Some tourist then tried to accost SJP as she was crossing 6th Avenue but SJP was trying to keep her son from getting run over. And then I noticed that SJP was wearing the scent "Skin" by Bonnie Bell so I asked her, "Are you wearing Skin?" And then she replied, "You have a good nose. I either wear that or my own scent," which I thought was funny because she just assumed I knew who she was or perhaps I just thought that every woman has her own line of perfume. Then, we parted ways.
This is a crappy celeb photo but I was trying to be discreet.

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