Friday, January 21, 2011

West Village Pool Scandal

As many of you know, I disappear to secret outdoor spaces and beaches during the summer. One of my trusted places of refuge on hot summmer days has always been the pool located above the Printing House. There I hang with former 70 teen idols, Playboy bunnies, old Village ladies and washed up rock stars. I develop a tan starts in mid-May that lasts through the end of September. My hair turns green and I swim laps with a kickboard. Along with my gyno, one of my longest relationships in NYC has been my committment to this space and the people who go there. Over the past couple of months, Equinox purchased the Printing House threatening my private sanctuary. They are stating they will "renovate" the pool, but I fear publicity and dues will rise and my glorious summers with Jimmy, Alice, Denize and even fat Carla will end. Goodbye, old friend. Even if they surround you in bamboo and create more seating, it just won't be the same. I suppose now I'll need to spend more time at the beach.

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ANP said...

Come to my Philly Sports Club. We have a pool. Lee and I are planning on living there this summer. It's never crowded as all the ass-hats hit the Jersey Shore! =)