Monday, January 24, 2011

Favorite Movies 2010

Since the Oscar nominations come out tomorrow, I wanted to release my list of favorte films of 2010. While many critics deliver their "best" lists, I always prefer to list my favorites as these are based on personal taste, experience of watching the film (a bad date can really ruin a movie) and their emotional impact on me. Timing is also crucial.

1. True Grit-Best line, "Well, that didn't pan out."
2. Black Swan-It's not a great movie but ever since I saw it, when I start going crazy from craving perfection, I now say, "I'm going Black Swan."
3. Somewhere-Chateau Marmont...need a I say more?
4. King's Speech-As my friend Todd always points out, I love any movie about a middle-aged man with a speech impediment (i.e. Sling Blade.) As my sister knows, I love the Queen Mother. Of course, I loved this movie.
5. Toy Story 3-Yes, I cried at the end and missed my old stuffed animals.
6. Another Year-As I get older, I like to see movies about old people.
7. Blue Valentine-I peed during the big nc-17 scence but it was still the saddest movie I saw all year. Is it me, or is Michelle Williams a great actress?
8. Social Network: Why in the hell am I not a billionaire?
9. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work: Joan writes every joke on an index card and files it. Inspirational.
10. Exit Through the Gift Shop: Saw this right after my Spring obsession with Marina Abramovic at MOMA.

Now, get ready for the NOMS!

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ANP said...

I felt the same way after watching Social Network.