Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bite It and Write It

I have been pigging out for a year straight at too many fancy restaraunts and bad take out food. As I start my new role and a new year, I'm back on the trusted Weight Watchers diet which always work WHEN I FOLLOW IT.  But, as I joined online yesterday to "bite it and write it," I was very confused because they changed how the points work. I mean, I was used to 19-23 points per day with 10 bonus points + activity. Now, I have like 35 points a day and 49 weekly and they don't count calories anymore and a glass of wine is now  4 points but what is a glass of vodka? And, I desperate need the online tool to keep track for me but I don't know how to count anything anymore.  So, you had to change the program because morons where choosing a pack of 100 pt. Oreos versus a banana? Actually, I saw people do that. This all better work. If I seem cranky the next few months it is because I'm living off egg whites, pickles and bananas.

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