Monday, July 28, 2008

You're Beautiful?

As a woman who considers herself not a supermodel but not totally butt, I've only been called "beautiful" to my face by a straight member of the opposite sex only a handful number of times. I can't even recall any of my immediate family members ever even telling me I am "beautiful." My gay boyfriends may have called me beautiful, but they use that term loosely to greet many women.

Anyway, the men who have dared to call me beautiful tend to always be undeniably beautiful themselves so I became suspicious and allowed my faltering self esteem to take over. I ask myself such questions as:
1. Isn't he way out of my league?
2. Why can't he find someone as beautiful as he is?
3. Is he crazy?
4. What does he really want?
5. Is he slumming?

But this time, friends, I WILL NOT DO THIS. I will allow myself to be beautiful just as I am. Let's see what happens next.

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