Thursday, July 03, 2008

Displacement Vectors

I have been out on dates with all types of men in my life including actors, rock stars, creative types, money men, screenwriters and journalists. Tonight, however, I had my first date with an astrophysicist which actually made me feel like a dumb blonde. It's very difficult to describe my job in the beauty business to a man who is going out of town next week to try to discover a new planet. I asked him such crazy questions that I'm curious if he'll ever call me again and the crazy thing is, I kind of liked him. Here is some of the crazy questions that popped out of my mouth:
1. Are you a mad professor or more of a nutty professor?
2. Do scientists actually use scientific calculators?
3. What's your favorite equation?
4. Who's your favorite member of the British aristocracy?
5. If you find a planet, what are you going to name it?
6. How big is your telescope?
7. How often do you mention Galileo on a weekly basis?
8. What is your personal velocity?
9. What are you feelings about Duran Duran?
10. What did you think about the movie Contact with Jodi Foster?

Keep you posted. Have a Happy 4th!

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