Saturday, March 08, 2008

Flavor of Rock of Love of NYCBABYLON!

When I can't sleep, I watch bad vh1 Celebreality, especially Flavor of Love with Flava Flav and Rock of Love with Brett Michaels. I find it fascinating that women are competing to get with these two washed up unappetizing has beens. Yet, the women are really trashy themselves. Anyway, my favorite part of the shows are the "competitions" where the hos compete in ridiculous challenges to "win" dates with the guys. For example, Brett had women so far compete in a peep booth showdown and a USO talent show. So, I decided, if I ever have my own reality show where men compete to get with me, here are the challenges:

1. Clean my Apartment Challenge-The man who does the best job cleaning my apartment without complaining gets a date with me. This is a big challenge cause my place is not neat.
2. Teach Max a new trick-The man who can teach MJ Cat a worthwhile cat trick with the least amount of scratches wins!
3. Cook in my Kitchen-The man who make the tastiest gourmet meal using my existing pantry in my tiny kitchen wins a date!
4. Hair and Makeup Challenge-The man who can do my hair and makeup in the morning and who proves to be heterosexual wins!
5. BAFTA Awardschallenge-I will take all the men to the BAFTA East Coast Awards party and the man who complains the least wins a one on one with me!
6. Poetry Challenge-The first man to get a poem about me published in a respectable literary publication wins some alone time!
7. Karaoke Talent Show-I will take all my himbos to Sing Sing and the man who performs the best version of a Phil Collins song of his choice gets a private room with me.

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