Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'm old and cranky and I hate text messages and prefer you call me via landline than text me. Tonight me, Wyndham and Jimmy all tried to decipher random text messages and I realized that we are just too old for text. It's like watching your mother struggle with Digital Cable or a Tivo. I especially the hate the following types of text messages:

1. I hate when people text to make last-minute plans or any plans for that matter. Call me. It's more effective and wastes less time.
2. I hate when I call someone and instead of calling me back, the person texts me. Texting does not count as a conversation.
3. I hate text booty calls. I'm sleeping and usually miss them.
4. I hate when someone I have interest in texts me to tell me that his girlfriend is in town.
5. I hate when I host a party and send an invitation and the person RSVPs via text.

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