Monday, July 16, 2007

She's Major

Tonight I watched the NBC special where Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice was documented moving to Los Angeles. While this may sound like summer TV drivel, this special should actually be mandatory viewing for all M.B.A. students. The special was clearly a Beckham informercial introducing a new celebrity product to the nation.

While the Beckhams are wildly popular in Europe, middle America is really not that aware of the fabulousness that is Victoria. Forget David and his soccer gig, it's all about Posh. I work with so many number crunchers who supposedly understand marketing via their business degrees, but often, they get so get caught up the numbers, they miss the big idea. Right now the "big idea" in "celebrity" is clearly The Beckhams. While they already have their names on some jeans and some perfume, I expect the Beckhams to start licensing out their name to the masses soon. So, it might be difficult to sort of the immediate ROI of the Beckhams, but in a few months, the investment will pay off. We'll all want Victoria's hair, her sunglasses, her shoes, her home decor and her Bentley. Soon we'll be able to fake the Beckham lifestyle with cheap Beckham products available at Target, Kohls and J.C. Penny. I even vote Victoria to be the new host on The View.
See? I'm sold.

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