Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Meow Mix House

Two days ago, Todd sent me a press release that Meow Mix is launching a "reality" commercial show where stray cats will compete in a Survivor/Big Brother television program on Animal Planet. The to cat will become an executive at Meow Mix. As other cats are voted out of the house, they will get new homes and a year supply of food.

If you visit the Meow Mix Web site, you will see how the marketing team at Meow Mix continues to launch creative and fun promotions. Right now, there are already 30,000 votes on the site. MJ and I voted for Ellis, the erudite cat from Portland. We also even watched the webacam for a few minutes. Also, the cats each have their own blog. I've always argued that marketing blogs don't work, but I have to confess, I'm compelled by these fake Meow Mix catblogs. I will check them on a daily basis and even visit the Meow Mix House on 5th Avenue. The first episode will air on Animal Planet on Friday night at 9:10. Set your Tivo.

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