Thursday, April 06, 2006

Trader Joe Update

I went to Trader Joe's for my third week in a row and wanted to update you on the products I have sampled. Last week, I spent $30 and this week I spent $22. I will also include products I have purchased again from my previous post.

1. Pretzels filled with peanut butter--When I went to check out the cashier informed me that I would want the salted pretzels rather than the unsalted which I threw into my cart. He then rang a big brass bell and someone switched out the salted for me. I have to confess, these are pretty tasty, but not worth ringing a brass bell.
2. Pita Chips--I bought more of these. Max likes them too.
4. Bottled Green Tea--I am hooked on the green tea. I might have to get a case and have it delivered.
5. Chili-covered dried mango--I tried these and I am not sure I will buy these again.
6. Frozen flounder stuffed with crabmeat--I was hoping this would taste like the variety served at the Ember's in York, PA, but it did not.
7. Wild Rice--I prefer Uncles Bens. This variety was tasteless.
8. Bagged herb salad--I have bought this weekly.
9. Frozen Mandarin Chicken--I thought this would be a microwaveable dish, but I had to fry it up in my wok. It was kind of tasty though and I didn't have to wait for delivery.
10. Meatballs and Penne-I got this in the prepared aisle, and it was better than the Gourmet Garage version. I wanted this again tonight, but they were out.
11. Thai chicken--I also bought this out of the prepared aisle and it was good. I like the way the fresh meals are proportioned to meet Weight Watchers standards.
12. Thai-flavored lime and hot pepper peanuts--These have been my favorite purchase since last week. I like a spicy peanut.
13. Hawaiian styled BBQ Chips--I like these tasty potato chips and will be looking for them again.
14. Teriyaki Turkey Jerky--Delish low-point treat!
15. Apple breakfast bars--I like these when I'm on the go in the morning! I will buy more of these when I run out.
16. Low fat Balsamic Dressing--This goes very nicely with the Herb Salad Mix.

These are products I have purchased, but not tried.
1. Garlic mashed potatoes
2. Frozen Waffles
3. Frozen Meatballs
4. Frozen seafood mix
5. Frozen BBQ chicken
6. Classic Hummus

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