Sunday, April 23, 2006

Technical Meltdown

I'm having some technical issues where I can't post photos. In any case, I'm back from the wedding and MJ Cat is happy to have me back. I went on a big week of dates last week and this week I will be home alone and dedicated to the blog and the podcast. Frankly, I'm sick of dating and men and trying to act normal and be charming. It's exhausting. I had a meltdown at the allergist on Thursday when the doctor told me I still am not breathing properly. I told her I felt fine, and that I think that this allergist thing is a big racket. As punishment, she put me on steroids. I told her I didn't want to get all moonfaced like Mattew Perry, but she didn't think that was very funny. Also, I am sick of Trader Joe's and need a week off that stuff too. I did find out that Jared Paul Stern's gf Snoodles is now actually his wife and they live in some kind of manor upstate. He's also not much older than I am, but I hope I look younger than he does in his recent photos. I'd show a photo, but blogger won't let me upload any for some crazy reason. I also have a photo of Max's supposed catsitter Liam with David Johanson and Iggy Pop, but I can't upload that either. I think he didn't show up this weekend to see Max because Max was drinking out of a half-empty mug and there was litter all over the floor. I'm going to bed now.

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