Monday, April 10, 2006

Snoodles (corrected post)

As an avid New York gossip reader since I subscribed to the Voice back in the 80s in York, PA, my friends keep calling me asking my opinion on the Jared Paul Stern scandal. For those of you not in the loop, JPS is being investigated by the FBI for taking bribes from billionaire Ron Burkle for "protection" from being mentioned on Page 6.

Frankly, I never found his scoop all that dishy. His ridiculous posturing with that stupid hat always distracted me from any of his gossip credibility. Also, he's always bragging that he graduated from Bennington. I just never thought Bennington was worth bragging about especially if you graduate and end up as a sixth-rate Brett Easton Ellis. In the 90s, he'd attend the cutting of any ribbon and I think he even once showed up at a party I threw.

What I found most annoying about JPS was his relationship with his girlfriend Snoodles. I don't know if Snoodles was his beard or if they are even still together, but on Sunday evenings at the Printing House Pool roof, JPS and Snoodles would actually bring a picnic and dine as if they were on a mountain top in St. Moritz. JPS also included mentions of Snoodles in his column. I always felt disappointed running into them on the street, because neither of them was as fabulous as JPS wanted to believe.

I do feel sorry for him because it sucks to have the FBI tarnishing your half-assed career. But, I think good gossips must remain low pro or they will become a target themselves. Next time, take your picnic in the park.

(This is a corrected version of a previous post, as Urban Crank correctly reminded me that JPS's gf is named Snoodles, and not Bubbles. On another topic, Ambien has ruined some part of my memory.)


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